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 Current Membership

For the membership year October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018

The Society has SEVEN Special Gifting Categories, five of which include the benefit of Lifetime Membership in the Society. Two require annual dues: Resident ($250+) and Patron ($125+).

General Members are those who pay membership dues plus any other contributions under $125. Membership dues for the current year are:

  • Individual: $15.00
  • Family: $25.00
People who make contributions in excess of their membership fees are Bonus members, designated in bold.

Regular Membership dues and contributions below the Special Gifting Categories do not cumulate for subsequent Special Level recognition. See Special Gifting Categories and Donors for related details.

3 diamonds used to separate entries

Lifetime Members

  • Bemis, John and Michelle, 2006
  • Brackenbury, Robert & Mandy Grewal, 2017
  • Glass, Richard, 2006
  • Hagen, Ray and Sonja, 2009
  • Harvey, Barbara (honorary)
  • Harwood, Janice, 2007
  • Heller, Stephen & Elizabeth Hopp McGuire, 2015
  • Kettlewell, Douglas and Karen, 2006
  • LeClair, Don and Betty, 2004
  • Macomber, Adam (honorary)
  • Meenan, Robert, 2003
  • Richards, Helen, 2004
  • Salvette, Emily & John, 2004
  • Scherdt, Brian and Mariann, 2006
  • Scribner, Patricia Tupacz, 2015
  • Sharp, Christopher and Andrea, 2006
  • Ticknor, Carl, 2011
  • Wall, C. Edward and Mary Ellen, 2004
  • Walmart/Sams Club, 2003
  • Wilson, Anita and Thom McCollum, 2007
  • Woolley, Douglas, 2004

Residents and Patrons

  • Paas, Al

See Special Gifting Categories for the historical record

General Members

  • Adams, Jerroll and Cynthia
  • Anzaldi, Michelle and family
  • Crispin, Bill
  • Dodds, Greg & family
  • Holley, Karol & Rick gift in memory of Ernestine Meenan
  • Iverson, Susan
  • Kleinschmidt, Terri
  • Latham, Linore
  • Lirones, Mary
  • Matley, Sandra
  • Meyer, Kathleen gift in memory of her grandparents, Mildred and Arthur Wilson
  • Payeur, Kay & Russ
  • Payeur, Linda
  • Rundle, Carol & Dave gift in memory of Ann Rajala
  • Slayton, Stephen
  • Traugott, Carol gift in memory of Ada Sutherland Jocelyn
  • Tupacz, Theresa and Garrett Morales
  • Wiersma, Andrew & Kailyn
  • Woolley, Patricia
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