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 The Pittsfield Township Historical Society: Overview

The Pittsfield Township Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Pittsfield Township and the traditions of peoples who have lived here and/or traversed the historical roads -- the old Sauk Trail and Maumee-Saginaw Trail -- which cross in Pittsfield Township.

Once the home of mastodons and buffalo, Pittsfield Township has been a crossroads of mid-America, from ancient times to modern day, a heritage that reflects and encapsulates most of the major transitions of the last 10,000 years. It is this rich heritage that the historical society works to document, preserve where possible, and bring alive again for the edification and appreciation of current and future generations.

The Pittsfield Township Historical Society is a tax-exempt organization under both federal and state law. All contributions to the society are tax deductible. The historical society currently is building an endowment to further the work of the society.

The historical society would appreciate your participation, contributions of historical documents and objects, as well as financial contributions to the endowment. Please contact one of the officers below for more information:

  • Al Paas, President: awpccp@comcast.net
  • Mary Ellen Wall, Historian: mew_42strat@yahoo.com

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