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Our future development, restoration, and programming costs will be substantial. Help us meet current needs, and also develop a substantial endowment � from which the interest income will support future operating costs.

Please consider the current tax benefits of gifts to the Society.

Also, when doing estate planning, please consider the satisfaction and benefits of supporting the Society and its objectives � preservation and celebration of our heritage. You already are an important part of that heritage. Help us keep the past alive, relevant, and a strong base upon which to build a meaningful and vital future.

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Special Gifting Categories

Founder: $100,000 +

Explorer: $25,000 +

Patentee*: $10,000 +

* Patentees received original land titles signed by the President: John Quincy Adams.

Pioneer: $5,000 +

Settler: $1,000 +

Resident: $250 +

Patron: $125 +

General Membership: dues + any other contributions under $125

See: Current Members for details.

General Donations by Non-members

  • Jerroll & Cynthia Adams
  • R. Elaine Found
  • Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Judith C. Williston in honor of the Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter, NSDAR
  • Related Policies

    Any contribution above membership dues automatically covers the donors' membership fees -- unless they specify differently. For the year of that gift they automatically are members of the society for that year. Settlers and above automatically become life-time members of the society.

    All contributions at a SPECIAL level are cumulative over time. In other words. If a family gives at the Patron level for eight years or the Resident level for four years, they become Settlers: if they give at the Settler level for FIVE years, they become Pioneers. A Pioneer for FIVE years becomes an Explorer. Gifts do no have to be made in consecutive years to cumulate, but may be made periodically. However, only gifts made at the Special Gifting levels cumulate.

    Contributions at any REGULAR MEMBERSHIP level do NOT cumulate for SPECIAL level recognition.

    Corporate matching funds are credited to the person who initiated the match.


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