Pittsfield Township Historical Society :: Lease Agreement for Use of the Sutherland-Wilson Farm
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Signing Lease for Sutherland-Wilson Farm, 12 August 2004 (click to enlarge)

Caption: Lease signing, 12 August 2004. Supervisor Walter is seated. Behind him (right to left) are Betty LeClair, C. Edward Wall, Mary Ellen Wall, and Christina L. Lirones. Click image for a larger version.

Lease Agreement
Between the
Pittslfield Township Historical Society
Pittsfield Charter Township
For The Use Of
Sutherland-Wilson Farmstead
Dated: 12 August 2004

Pittsfield Charter Township, a Michigan Municipal Corporation, hereinafter called Township, with offices at 6201 W. Michigan Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48108, (“Landlord”), and the Pittsfield Township Historical Society, a Michigan non-profit corporation, hereinafter called Society, (“Tenant”), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.


Landlord: Pittsfield Charter Township
By: James R. Walter, Its Supervisor
By: Christina L. Lirones, Its Clerk

Pittsfield Township Historical Society
By: Betty LeClair, Its President
By: C. Edward Wall, Its Trustee

Witnessed by: Mary Ellen Wall


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