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April M. Beisaw, RPA
Principal Investigator
Phase Archaeology LLC
email: april@phasearchaeology.com
Specialization: Archaeology, zooarchaeology, taxonomy (special interest in early rural school houses)

Brian Dunnigan
Curator, Clements Library
University of Michigan
Specialization: Cartography, American and regional history

Daniel C. Fisher
Professor of Geological Sciences
Curator, Museum of Paleontology
University of Michigan
Specialization: Invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology (special interest in mastodons)

Tom George
Michigan State Senator (Kalamazoo)
Past President, Historical Society of Michigan
Specialization: Legislation and funding for historical preservation and interpretation

Amy Harris
Director, Exhibit Museum of Natural History
University of Michigan
Specialization: Exhibit administration and public programming in natural history

Jeff McDole
Network Administrator III
University of Michigan
Specialization: Information and network technologies

Kent Murray
Professor of Geology
University of Michigan - Dearborn
Specialization: Environmental geology and groundwater hydrology

Christopher Wall
Midwestern Consulting, Ann Arbor, MI
Specialization: Transportation infrastructure (historic and modern); information and GPS technologies; mapping and 3-D imaging


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