Pittsfield Township Historical Society :: Article of Agreement: Agreement to Build the First Township Hall, 1853
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This Article of Agreement made this 2nd day of June AD 1853 between John W. Smith and Alverson Drury and Thomas Smith of the first part and Horace Welch, Horace Carpenter, and Nathan Webb building commissioners of the township of Pittsfield in the county of Washtenaw in the State of Michigan of the second part. Witnesseth that the aforesaid parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum three hundred and fifty five dollars to be paid in the manner herein after specified do agree to furnish material and build and finish in a good substantial and workmanlike manner a Town House on lands purchased for this purpose in said township. Said house to be constructed of the size and in the manner herein after described to wit.

The length thereof to be thirty (30) feet and the breadth thereof to be twenty four (24). The foundation to be stone laid in lime mortar two feet high, and eighteen (18) inches thick one foot of the height whereof to be below the surface of the ground. The posts to be eleven feet & four inches in length. The walls to be oak plank fastened each to his fellow with two dowels and covered with inch boards nine inches wide, the joints to be covered with battens four inches wide. Eight windows of six lights, glazed with panes nine by thirteen inches each. There is to be an outer and inner door. The inside of the wall ceiled as high as the bottom of the windows and lathed and plastered above and overhead

There is to be a partition finished in like manner and with the inner door forming a lobby or entry way six feet by twenty four and also a principal room twenty four feet square. The floor is to be one and a fourth inch plank and matched. The room to be surrounded by movable benches and furnished with a substantial table four by six feet and in each corner of the room a shelf two feet long and fourteen inches wide, securely supported by brackets

The windows to be furnished with double shutters of a single panel each.

The roof to be covered with ash shingles laid four inches to the weather and finished with a proper cornice projecting at least one foot from the frieze.

The building is to be well painted outside and inside such color as the above named commissioners shall direct and furnished with a sufficient chimney.

All the work on said building is to be done in a good and workmanlike manner and the plastering to be finished on or before the first day of November next.

And the aforenamed commissioners do hereby agree to pay to the aforenamed John W. Smith, Alverson Drury, Thomas Smith, parties of the first part the sum of three hundred and fifty five dollars in the following manner to wit forty seven dollars to be paid by an order drawn on the Treasurer of the aforesaid township of Pittsfield payable to the said Smith, Drury and Smith on their order on demand, and the balance, say three hundred and eight dollars to be paid in like manner by orders drawn to treasurer aforesaid and made payable on the first day of February AD 1854.

And it is further mutually agreed by the aforesaid parties that if any doubt shall arise as to true meaning and intent of this article of agreement it shall be construed as the aforesaid commissioners shall understand it.

In witness whereof the parties have each mutually set their hands and seals this day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three.

Signed & sealed in the presence of: John W. Smith, Alverson Drury, Thomas Smith of the first part
Horace Welch, N. Webb Commissioners


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