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Side view of Valentine School in January, 2003

During the summer of 1825, Pittsfield erected the first schoolhouse in Washtenaw County (Malletts Creek School). Built of logs, it was located on the northwest quarter of section 11 (near Platt and Packard roads). The history of this and other Pittsfield Township schools are included here.

Table of Contents

  • Carpenter School (preceded by Malletts Creek School)
  • Clemente School - see Roberto Clemente School (below)
  • Dold School (located on the corner of Wagner and Ellsworth; now a residence.)
  • Forten School
  • , 1837-1857. (located across Bemis Road from the later Fosdick School, this school served Pittsfield Fractional School District No. 7 and York No. 3; in 1857, this school was sold and Valentine School was built on Michigan Avenue. See also Fosdick School.)

  • Fosdick School (507 Bemis Road; now a residence. See also Forten School.)
  • Malletts Creek School, 1825-1853 (south of Packard 7/10th mile west of Carpenter Road near northeast corner of Packard and Platt Roads; this was the first school in Washtenaw County -- and predecessor to the first Carpenter and Stone schools; remains of the school were still visible in the 1880s)
  • Meadowview School, 1953-? (on Textile Road; preceded by Roberts School)
  • Mills School, 1832-??
  • Mitchell School, 1952-present (preceded by Platt School)
  • Oakgrove School (on Warner, south of Willis in York Township; this "fractional" school district previously served a portion of Pittsfield Township)
  • Oakgrove / Oaklawn School, 1832-? (on the northeast corner of Bemis and Carpenter roads)
  • Pittsfield School, 1945-present (preceded by Platt School)
  • Platt School, 1926-195? (originally located west of Platt a short distance south of Packard; preceded by Carpenter and Stone Schools)
  • Roberto Clemente School (4377 Textile)
  • Roberts School, 1837-1953 (formerly at the southeast corner of Carpenter and Michigan Avenue)
  • Scarlett Intermediate School
  • Stone School (preceded by Malletts Creek School)
  • Sutherland School, ??-??
  • Town Hall School
  • Valentine School, 1857-195? (north side of Michigan Avenue between State Street and Saline, Michigan, next to Crispen Chevrolet) (preceded by Forten School)

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