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Mills School Interior in 1908

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Location: Originally the school was located on the east side of Saline-Ann Arbor Road, north of Lohr; but the roads have changed and the present-day location is the northeast corner of the intersection of Eisenhower and Saline-Ann Arbor. A Shell gas station now occupies the former school site.

Captions: 1) Mills School interior in 1908. 2) Mills School Students circa 1908. 3) Addition made to Mills School circa 1935. 4) Addition made to Mills School in the 1960s, when the Masonary Workers Union used it as a training site.

Note: This account was written by the students attending Mills School during 1941-1942 (and deposited in the Bentley Historical Library).

Mills School Children Circa 1908

The first school in this district was taught by Miss Susan Olds during the summer of 1832 in the old Mills house on the Ann Arbor and Saline Rd. Mrs. McNitt, who is Stephen Mills granddaughter, owns the home. The house still stands and is over 100 years old. The first school house was built of logs in 1835 and stood about one fourth mile south of the present school. It stood between where the Allen and McNitt residences now stand. Mr. David Depue has two walking sticks made from the logs of this school. John Green was the builder. Philander Howe was the first teacher.

Mills School Addition Circa 1935

The second school house was a frame building, built by Peter Van Winkle in the year of 1840 about one fourth mile south of the present school on the Ann Arbor and Saline Rd.

The first teacher was Samatha Joslin. This house was moved by the aid of 8 oxen to the James Stephen farm. This is where Hardens now live. The acre of ground was donated by Stephen Mills who built the first school house of brick in 1856. Hence the name of Mills school.

It has been remodeled and a standard school sign has been nailed on the exterior.

There were forty-five shade trees on the school ground consisting of maple, elm, ash, and walnut. All the trees were set out in the spring of 1857, and 1858. Now in the year of 1941 there are 37 trees still standing.

The first teacher in the present school was E. C. Warner, father of Representative Joe Warner of Ypsilanti. Our present school is now 85 years old. In the year of 1941 there are 33 children in our school.

Mills School Addition Circa 1960s

At present in the year of 1941 we have 33 children. The names are as follows:
Beginners - David Baldus, Marion Burkett, Bruce Forshee, Jeanette Lillie, Paul Reiff, Paul Roepke, James Stimpson, and Robert Wagner.
First Grade - Roger Losey, Delvin Burkett, Margaret Ann Skeels, Richard DeVoe, Lucile Depue, Carl Aprill and Willadian Kea.
Second Grade - Vivian Miller and Alice East. Third Grade-Leroy Schaerer, Lois Miller, Luetta Hehr, Billy Baldus
Fourth Grade - Rhea Jean Weller, Marilyn Stofer, and Virginia Burkett
Fifth Grade - Ruth Barbara Schnearle, Bernard Herst and Edna Hayes
Sixth Grade - Beatrice Schenk, Harriet Bowling, Violet Waters, Serena Hehr, Eleanore Cook, and Wanda Kea.

The teacher's name is Mrs. Sylvia Stephenson.

Source: Pittsfield Township records, box 1, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. This entry is from a history of Washtenaw County Schools written by students in the schools and loaned to the Bentley Historical Library by Julius W. Haab, County Superintendent, August 1943. It has been edited slightly for inclusion on the Pittsfield Township Historical Society Website.


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