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 Meadowview Elementary School, District #6, 1953-

Location: On Textile Road.

Meadowview School was dedicated 27 September 1953. The following description is taken from the dedication program.

Facts about Meadowview

The new Meadowview Elementary School is of modern self-sustained design. It is constructed of white brick and has solid windows on the North side, overlooking a 10 acre site. It is from this meadow view that the school received itís name. The name was originally suggested by a former teacher, Mrs. Alma Elliott.

Each room is over 30 ft. square and the entire floor has radiant heat supplied by a fully automatic fuel-oil furnace. The lighting fixtures are a new type of hair-pin shape, cold cathode tubes, which supply the necessary amount of required lighting without casting any direct shadows at any point in the room. Water is supplied by an automatic deep-well turbine pump.

The interior decoration consists of pleasant shades of yellow and green walls with white acoustical tile on the ceilings. The woodwork is done in a natural finish with sliding doors on large storage closets.

Each room has itís own outside entrance, toilet facilities, drinking fountains and sinks with storage space below.

The cost of the new school was $65,000.00.

1953 Board of Education

  • Walter E. Duke, President
  • John E. Hinkle, Treasurer
  • Mrs. A. E. Oleson, Secretary
  • Clayton A. Hopp, Trustee
  • Milton Schiedel, Trustee

1953 Community Club Officers

  • Roland Wurster, President
  • Evelyn Duke, Vice President
  • Ruth Nourse, Secretary
  • Roger Katon, Treasurer
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