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Historical Marker at Harwood Cemetery (click for larger image)

Captions: Top Historical marker at Harwood Cemetery. Below Descendents of the Aray family attending the dedication of the historical marker.

Harwood Cemetery is located in Pittsfield Township, Michigan, at the southeast corner of Textile and Campbell roads. The first burial occured here in 1824. For additional information and photographs, please see: Pittsfield Township Central Burying Ground

In 2004, the Washtenaw County Historic District Commission erected an historical marker, commemorating the significance of Harwood Cemetery. The text of this historical marker will be added to this page soon.

The following list of burials is adapted from: Harwood Cemetery via USGenWeb. Paulette Quartermain donated the 1825-1940 (compiled in 1968) transcribed records for this cemetery to USGenWeb in December 2001.

Aray Descendents Attending the Harwood Cemetery Dedication (click for larger image)


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