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 Mystery Object No. One
Mystery Object No. One

What is this mystery object?

Answer: A hog scraper.

Carol Guenther, 10630 Dewitt, Belleville, was the first person to submit a correct identification for this object. She also provided the following explanation of its use:

Since my husband, Clyde Guenther, Jr. had worked on his Grandfather Elmer Guenther's farm in Van Buren Township as a boy and had been part of many hog butcherings, he identified the tool from my description before he looked at the screen.

He said that it had a wooden handle attached to a metal bowl. After slaughter, the hog was scalded and the hair scraped off with the tool. After the hair was scraped off, the hog was ready to be gutted and dressed.

Grandpa's farm was at the corner of Beck and Ecorse Roads. My husband, Clyde, was born in a house on the Guenther farm in 1931. At one time all of Sadie and Elmer's children and grandchildren lived on Guenther and Burrell property. General Motors bought the farms in 1969.

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