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Pittsfield Township Official Website

Covering all government functions, this site includes information concerning work of the Pittsfield Township Historical Commission, which is the governmental counterpart to the Pittsfield Township Historical Society. The Historical Commission is responsible for historic properties in Pittsfield Township, such as the Wilson/Sutherland Farm. The Historical Commission subcontracts with the Historical Society to maintain historic records of the township.
See also Pittsfield Saftey, which focuses on Preparedness and Community Safety issues.

Milan Area Historical Society

The Milan Area Historical Society is headquartered at the "Hack House" on 775 County Street, Milan. Local history, artifacts, and items from Milan families are on display at Hack House.

Saline Area Historical Society

This historical society features two museums -- the Saline Railroad Depot and the Rentschler Farm Museum -- in addition to extensive archives and related collections. Visit the website for details.

Ypsilanti Historical Museum and Archives

Currently, this organization does not have its own website, although both the museum and archives are very valuable and rich resources deserving wide visibility and use. This page provides basic descriptions and contact information.

Plymouth Michigan Historical Society

This Website covers: Mission, Membership, Meetings, Activities, Current Attractions, Coming Attractions, Exhibits, Archives, and much more.

Waterloo Area Historical Society

This historical society has active programs related to the Waterloo Farm Museum and the Dewey School Museum. Their website is very informative.

Bentley Historical Library

University of Michigan, 1150 Beal Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2113. phone: 734-764-3482; fax: 734-936-1333. The Bentley Historical Library contains significant research collections, which are introduced by this website. The website includes links to University Archives and related resources.

Washtenaw County’s Historic Resource Database

This searchable database also has an interactive map, which depicts the location of historic structures and related resources in Washtenaw County.

State and National

Historical Society of Michigan

The Pittsfield Township Historical Society is a member of this organization. For information on its activities and conferences, please visit their website.

Michigan Historic Preservation Network

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is the largest membership organization in the state dedicated to recognizing and preserving Michigan's rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Michigan Historic Barn Preservation Network

The Michigan Barn Preservation Network is committed to rehabilitation of barns for agricultural, commercial, residential, and public uses.

Michigan State Historic Preservation Office

Michigan's SHPO was established in the late 1960s. Its main function is to provide technical assistance to local communities in their efforts to identify, evaluate, designate, and protect Michigan's historic resources. The SHPO also administers an incentives program that includes state and federal tax credits and pass-through grants available to Certified Local Governments.

Michigan Stained Glass Census

The Michigan Stained Glass Census issues a brief bi-monthly e-mail newsletter that includes updates of Census activities and some general news of stained glass in Michigan and elsewhere.

The Outhouse Project

The outhouses of Pittsfield Township have just about disappeared. The Pittsfield Township Historical Society is attempting to identify any that still remain, but so far, in vain. Please help us identify any that we may have overlooked. In the meantime, enjoy the outhouse resource developed by the Lansing New York Historical Association.

Farm Museums in Michigan

Farms: Demonstration, Petting, Working

A useful list of "local" farms prepared by the Macomb Intermediate School District. The list includes Domino and Cobblestone Farms but misses others in or near Ann Arbor, such as the Waterloo Farm Museum (see below).

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