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 On the Platts and Hinckleys of Early Pittsfield Township

While researching my family history, it was great to find the Pittsfield Township Historical Society website. The Historical Society has done a great job of sharing historical information online!

My great-grandfather, William Hinckley Platt and his parents, Henry D. Platt and Susan (Hinckley) Platt lived in Pittsfield Township. William's grandparents, Edwin A. Platt and Caroline Eliza (Pardee) Platt, and Sherman Hinckley and Orpha (Gates) Hinckley, also lived in Pittsfield Township.

It was great to see the old Pittsfield Township maps on the website, that show where their farms were located. I think that the Malletts Creek School was located on land that later became the farm of Edwin A. Platt.

William moved to Minnesota before the turn of the century [1900], but I do know that his parents and his mother's parents are all buried at Highland Cemetery, in Ypsilanti.

Thanks for preserving the township history and for sharing it online! I hope to be able to visit the area someday!

Andrew C. Magnuson
Forks, Washington

Note: Mounted with the permission of Andrew Magnuson.

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