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 Reflections on Mills School - Early 1950s

How wonderful to have found your website, particularly the page about Mills School! My family lived on South State Street in Ann Arbor, so I had always thought Mills School was in Ann Arbor, but I could never find any record of it. I would have thought I had the name wrong, except my brother had a school class photo, and it clearly said “Mills School” in the corner. Someone recently suggested I check in Saline, so I did an internet search and there you were! The mystery had been solved!

I attended Kindergarten at Mills School, back in 1953-54, after which my family moved to Grand Rapids. My memories of that one school year are very sketchy, as you can well imagine:

I recall that the school had 2 rooms; my memory tells me that K-2nd grade were in one room (downstairs?), and 3-6 were in another (upstairs?). My brother would have been in 3rd grade at that time, and I don't recall that he was in the same room I was in. I already knew how to read before I started school, so I don't remember much other than a lot of coloring! Seems that my "classmates" numbered only about 8-10 kids, and we all sat at one table.

I have a vague recollection of the schoolyard, (and of one particular incident where I pushed a classmate into the bushes because he didn't know how to read!) Strange, the things one remembers from childhood!

I also have a memory of the entrance to the school - in my mind, it was a small entryway/vestibule - with a cracked ceiling, which I just KNEW was going to fall on me! :-) Was there a teacher named Miss/Mrs. Buxton? That name sure rings a bell, associated with Mills School?Again, thanks for the wonderful website! Sure was nice taking that trip down memory lane!

Sally Ditmar Hunter
11 May 2004

Note: Mounted with the permission of Sally Hunter.

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