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 State of Michigan Special Tribute

The Pittsfield Township Historical Society

LET IT BE KNOWN, that it is with great pleasure that we honor the Pittsfield Township Historical Society and all the volunteers and donors that have been a part of the Sutherland-Wilson Farmstead Restoration and Preservation.

The Sutherland-Wilson Farmstead, located at 797 Textile Road, in Pittsfield Township, was acquired by Pittsfield Township and leased to the Pittsfield Historical Society so that it may be preserved as an historical site. The Sutherland-Wilson family lived on the farmstead for six generations Ė from the time Langford Sutherland purchased the property in 1832 until the year 2000 Ė making this family quite possibly the longest continuous residents of the township and qualifying the farmstead as a Michigan Sesquicentennial Farm. The farmstead is significant because of its historic association with this early pioneering family, and because it preserves both the appearance of structures and construction methods employed as Washtenaw County was being settled.

Historic farmsteads are a vital part of Michiganís landscape and honor Michiganís record of leadership in agriculture. Long before anyone ever heard of the automobile, Michigan farms were leading the nation in yields of several crops. Although the soil and climate are obviously critical to all these accomplishments, the hard work, commitment and innovation of Michiganís farm families are major factors indeed. We honor not only those that have lived and thrived on the Sutherland-Wilson Farmstead, but those not nurturing the protection of this irreplaceable site in the spirit of preserving our heritage and saving Michiganís past for our future.

IN SPECIAL TRIBUTE, Therefore, This document is signed and dedicated to congratulate the Pittsfield Township Historical Society upon the occasion of the Sutherland-Wilson Farmsteadís introduction to the public. We offer our best wishes for continued success at this site as renovations continue. May this tremendous achievement foster greater appreciation for our pioneering families and the importance of historic preservation.

Kathy Angerer, State Representative
The Fifty-Fifth District

Randy Richardville, State Senator
The Seventeenth District

Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor

Ninety-Fourth Legislature
At Lansing
Sunday, August 26, 2007

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