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Pittsfield Township, Michigan, is located in Washtenaw County, just south of Ann Arbor. For many years it has been known as the "Crossroads of Michigan" because of the major, ancient Indian trails that crossed the township -- both east-west and north-south. Today those trails have become US23 and I-94, which are depicted in purple on the following map. The old Sauk Trail -- later the Chicago-Detroit Military Road, M112, M12 and Michigan Avenue -- is shown in red in the map below.

Map of Washtenaw County.

Pittsfield Township is an easy 20-minute drive to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Pittsfield Township contains the Ann Arbor Airport and service facilities for Ann Arbor, but the township is closely associated with all three of its neighboring communities: Ann Arbor, Saline, and Milan.

Pittsfield is served by three school districts: Ann Arbor, Saline, and Milan. Many of its residents are associated with the major universities and colleges in the area as well as high tech industries and research centers in or near the township.

Pittsfield Township is know for the quality-of-life that it provides its residents: good schools and services, low taxes, great medical facilities, easy access to major roads and airports, and even easier access to a broad range of cultural events, ranging from one of the largest street art fairs in the world to world-class sports, musical, and art events. It also is served by extraordinary parks, preserves, interconnecting trails -- and historical assets.

Welcome to Pittsfield Township.


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