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Early Families and Farms of Pittsfield Township, Michigan

Family histories, biographies and memoirs of early settlers and long-time residents, and related photographs will be included here.

An Invitation

The Pittsfield Township Historical Society would appreciate the contribution of early family histories that are related to Pittsfield Township. If you have prepared or are interested in preparing a history of YOUR family, please contact Emily Salvette: email: esalvette@gmail.com.

Table of Contents

Former Officials

Other Important and Interesting People of Pittsfield Township, Michigan

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Gordon Burgar

Some ladies that lived in a house in back of us started a Sunday school which we attended. On one occasion we took part in a program put on by a little church at Hand Station. We each had learned a verse of scripture which we were to recite when our group was on the stage. I was sitting in the audience with my parents, not realizing my group had already gone on the stage. Each recited his verse but when it came my turn there was silence. Someone called, "Gordon, Gordon Burgar, is he here?" I realized it must be my turn so I got up, went to the side of the church, up the stairs, and over to the center of the stage and gave my verse. It was, "Be patient, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord." I didn't think it was supposed to be funny, but the audience laughed and cried and slapped their thighs and said they never had laughed so hard. So what is so funny about James 5:7?


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