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 Oral Histories: About the Oral History Project

Pittsfield Township has changed dramatically in the twentieth century, evolving from a farming community to one of the fastest growing suburban areas in the country. To learn more about the early days of the township and to preserve that historical record for future residents, the Pittsfield Township Historical Society initiated its Oral History Project in January 2000.

Society volunteers interview and audiotape the memories of long- time Pittsfield Township residents. After these interviews are transcribed, copies of the transcripts plus the original audiotapes are archived in the Historical Society's collection. The transcripts are available in electronic format on this website. The transcripts are available to the public for educational and research purposes. Any other use of the transcripts requires written permission of the Pittsfield Township Historical Society.

The Pittsfield Township Oral History Project is funded by private donations and depends almost entirely on volunteers. We sincerely thank everyone taking part and invite you to participate! Please contact the project chairperson, Emily Salvette (salvette@ameritech.net), if you would like to volunteer, or if you have questions or suggestions. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to support this project, please send your check to the Pittsfield Township Historical Society, P.O. Box 6013, Ann Arbor MI 48106.

While the Oral History Project depends almost entirely on volunteers, we do want to give special recognition to Kathleen Wood of The Wordwright (an academic and business word processing/transcription service: 734-369-3878, sarahchava@aol.com) for providing professional transcription services.

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