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Note: The following biography and resolution were read at Mary Mitchell's retirement party and appear to have been used again at the dedication of the Mary D. Mitchell school.

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The close of the 1949 school year brought with it the retirement of one of this areaís best-known educators. She is Mrs. Mary D. Mitchell, who was at that time third and fourth grade teacher at Pittsfield Township School Two.

In tribute to her thirty years of teaching and service (18 of which were in Pittsfield), in May 1949, a banquet and program was held in her honor by nearly three hundred friends and associates at the Ann Arbor Methodist Church.

Mrs. Mitchell was born in Prattville, attended high school in Hudson, and took her first teaching job in her hometown immediately following graduation. After teaching two years, she attended Michigan Normal College [now Eastern Michigan University]. After college graduation, Mrs. Mitchell taught in a rural school near Dexter and nine years in Detroit schools. Then she retired temporarily from teaching, meanwhile moving with her family to her present home.

During her years with the Pittsfield schools, Mrs. Mitchell became principal, then superintendent of schools. She retired from superintendency in 1947 to return to general teaching.

Mrs. Mitchell has tress sons and two daughters. All five followed in their motherís footsteps by attending Normal College. Only one daughter, however, is carrying on her motherís teaching tradition.

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On May 5, 1949, a resolution was adopted by the Pittsfield Township School Board which read as follows:

WHEREAS, Mary D. Mitchell has faithfully served the area of East Ann Arbor and vicinity for many years, and

WHEREAS, she has been a source of great inspiration to the parents, children and teachers of this community, and

WHEREAS, she has devoted a greater part of her life to teaching in the Public Schools of the State of Michigan, and

WHEREAS, she has served Pittsfield Township, School District Number Nine, as Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent of Schools with distinction, and

WHEREAS, she has been highly instrumental in enabling the school system of this community to produce better citizens of the community, state, and country, and

WHEREAS, she is about to end her distinguished career as a teacher and leader of children,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved:

That the Board of Education of Pittsfield Township School District Number Nine, extend thanks on behalf of the children, parents, and teachers of this community to MARY D. MITCHELL for a job well done, and hereby wishes MARY D. MITCHELL a well-earned happiness in her retirement.

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May the dedication of the Mary D. Mitchell School continually re-echo this resolution, and may this school stand as a symbol of education in a free land!


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