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Daniel Kellogg, from his autobiography

The text of a rare book - The Autobiography of Daniel B. Kellogg - is now online courtesy of the University of Michigan Making of America Digital Text Initiative. Kellogg was a clairvoyant physician (Washtenaw's answer to Edgar Cayce).

Kellogg was born in 1834 in Pittsfield Township, in a log house on the Chicago road (now Michigan Avenue), as he tells us on the first page of the text. After he began to develop his "medical" practice he moved to an office on Broadway in Lower Town Ann Arbor, and lived in a showy house nearby.

His memoirs - published in 1869 at the Dr. Chase Steam Printing Works in Ann Arbor - are fascinating. A print copy of the book recently was offered for sale online - at www.Biblio.com - for 275.00.)

Source: Wystan Stevens. Click image for a larger version.


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