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Rocking horses are a special fund-raising project of the Pittsfield Township Historical Society. All rocking horses are made from select materials, and are available in several designs. Some rocking horses have soft manes; others have no manes. Some rocking horses are designed for two children to ride at the same time. Please select the horse that is right for you and your children. And if you have a custom rocking horse design, perhaps we can make that rocking horse for you.

Medium Rocking Horse

Small Rocking Horse, 23" long, 21" high, 9" wide: $30.

Small Rocking Horse

Medium Rocking Horse, 30" long, 26" high, 9 1/2" wide: $55.

Large Rocking Horse

Large Rocking Horse, 35" long, 22 1/2" high, 12 1/2" wide: $90.

Ordering: Rocking horses may be purchased from the Pittsfield Township Historical Society by contacting:


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