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Past Events


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 Past Events

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Event: June 3rd Sunday House Tour  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 Jun 2017
Event: May 3rd Sunday House Tour   [Details]
Date: Sun 21 May 2017
Event: Clean up morning at the Farm  [Details]
Date: Sat 20 May 2017
Event: April Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 19 Apr 2017
Event: Sunday Program: Photo Genealogy  [Details]
Date: Sun 26 Feb 2017
Event: January Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 18 Jan 2017
Event: Annual Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 19 Oct 2016
Event: Sutherland Wilson Farm House Tour  [Details]
Date: Sun 16 Oct 2016
Event: Annual Fall Harvest Festival  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 Sep 2016
Event: Tour of S W Farmhouse  [Details]
Date: Sun 21 Aug 2016
Event: Farmhouse Tour  [Details]
Date: Sun 17 Jul 2016
Event: Summer Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 13 Jul 2016
Event: Tour of Sutherland Wilson Farmhouse  [Details]
Date: Sun 19 Jun 2016
Event: Sutherland Wilson Farmhouse Tour  [Details]
Date: Sun 15 May 2016
Event: Spring Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 20 Apr 2016
Event: Winter Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 20 Jan 2016
Event: 200th Anniversary of Survey and Annual Meeting  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 Oct 2015
Event: Seventh Annual Harvest Festival  [Details]
Date: Sun 20 Sep 2015
Event: Summer Quarterly Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 15 Jul 2015
Event: Spring Quarterly Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 15 Apr 2015
Event: Spring Quarterly Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 15 Apr 2015
Event: Harvest Festival at historic Sutherland Wilson Farm  [Details]
Date: Sun 21 Sep 2014
Event: Washtenaw County Historical Society Annual Meeting  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 May 2014
Event: Sutherland Wilson Farm Spring Clean up Day  [Details]
Date: Sat 10 May 2014
Event: Sunday Program: Natural Fibers in Historical Textiles  [Details]
Date: Sun 2 Mar 2014
Event: Pittsfield Historical Society Sunday Program  [Details]
Date: Sun 2 Mar 2014 - Sun 2 Mar 2014
Event: Pittsfield Harvest Festival  [Details]
Date: Sun 22 Sep 2013
Event: Sunday Program  [Details]
Date: Sun 10 Feb 2013
Event: Pittsfield Historical Society Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 16 Jan 2013
Event: Program by Parks & Rec Director Dan Cooperrider  [Details]
Date: Sun 19 Feb 2012
Event: Pittsfield Township Harvest Festival Fundraiser  [Details]
Date: Sun 25 Sep 2011
Event: Women of the Civil War  [Details]
Date: Sun 17 Apr 2011
Event: James Mann: February Sunday Program  [Details]
Date: Sun 13 Feb 2011 - Sun 13 Feb 2011
Event: Pittsfield Historical Society Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 19 Jan 2011
Event: Pittsfield Township Historical Society Annual meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 20 Oct 2010
Event: Harvest Festival Fundraiser: Pittsfield's YesterYears  [Details]
Date: Sun 26 Sep 2010
Event: Pittsfield Historical Society Board Meeting  [Details]
Date: Wed 21 Apr 2010 - Wed 21 Apr 2010
Event: Geological and Glacial History of Pittsfield Township  [Details]
Date: Sun 8 Feb 2009
Event: Geddes Town Hall School Program  [Details]
Date: Sun 11 Jan 2009
Event: Leticia Byrd Oral History  [Details]
Date: Sun 12 Oct 2008
Event: Apple Day Pittsfield Union Grange  [Details]
Date: Sat 27 Sep 2008
Event: Pittsfield Township Veterans Memories  [Details]
Date: Sun 14 Sep 2008
Event: Sutherland Wilson Barn Dedication  [Details]
Date: Sun 26 Aug 2007
Event: Fashions from Second half of Nineteenth Century  [Details]
Date: Sun 15 Apr 2007
Event: Working Women in Washtenaw County Before 1914  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 Mar 2007
Event: December Program -- To Be Announced  [Details]
Date: Sun 10 Dec 2006
Event: Locating Family History Locally  [Details]
Date: Sun 12 Nov 2006
Event: Canton Township Historical Museum  [Details]
Date: Sun 8 Oct 2006
Event: How Does Your Garden Grow  [Details]
Date: Sun 10 Sep 2006
Event: June Program -- To Be Announced  [Details]
Date: Sun 11 Jun 2006
Event: Field trip to the Ella Sharp Museum  [Details]
Date: Sun 21 May 2006
Event: The History of Quilts-CANCELLED  [Details]
Date: Sun 9 Apr 2006
Event: Public Safety Director Phillips and Dep. Dir. McGuire   [Details]
Date: Sun 12 Mar 2006
Event: Pave the Path Legacy Brick Program  [Details]
Date: Wed 1 Mar 2006 - Fri 30 Jun 2006
Event: Reenactment of Everyday Life in the 1830s  [Details]
Date: Sun 12 Feb 2006
Event: Visit to the David R. Byrd Center  [Details]
Date: Sun 8 Jan 2006
Event: Holiday Potluck  [Details]
Date: Sun 11 Dec 2005
Event: Pittsfield Union Grange Holiday Party  [Details]
Date: Fri 9 Dec 2005
Event: Exhibit - Winter in Pittsfield Township  [Details]
Date: Thu 1 Dec 2005 - Fri 31 Mar 2006
Event: The Local Food Movement  [Details]
Date: Wed 16 Nov 2005
Event: Potluck with Ernestine Wilson Meenan  [Details]
Date: Sun 9 Oct 2005
Event: Apple Day: Pittsfield Union Grange  [Details]
Date: Sat 24 Sep 2005
Event: Harry Macomber: Growing Up on a Farm  [Details]
Date: Sun 11 Sep 2005
Event: Exhibit - Historic Sutherland-Wilson Farm  [Details]
Date: Fri 1 Jul 2005 - Wed 30 Nov 2005
Event: Potluck Dinner at Pittsfield Union Grange #882  [Details]
Date: Wed 15 Jun 2005
Event: Cobblestone Farm Tour  [Details]
Date: Sun 15 May 2005
Event: Assessment of Sutherland-Wilson House  [Details]
Date: Mon 18 Apr 2005
Event: Historic District Declaration  [Details]
Date: Wed 23 Mar 2005
Event: Life in the 1800s  [Details]
Date: Sun 13 Mar 2005
Event: Restoring Old Barns  [Details]
Date: Sun 13 Feb 2005
Event: Oral History Interview with James Aldrich  [Details]
Date: Sun 9 Jan 2005
Event: Transportation of the Future  [Details]
Date: Wed 17 Nov 2004
Event: Paleo Indians and Mastadons of Pittsfield Township  [Details]
Date: Wed 10 Nov 2004
Event: Transportation of Today  [Details]
Date: Wed 20 Oct 2004
Event: Plymouth Historical Museum Visit  [Details]
Date: Wed 13 Oct 2004
Event: Stone Indian-Arrowhead Making  [Details]
Date: Tue 12 Oct 2004
Event: Taylor Historical Society's Heritage Park  [Details]
Date: Sun 10 Oct 2004
Event: Transportation of the Past  [Details]
Date: Wed 15 Sep 2004
Event: Wander Washtenaw - Explore Historical Attractions  [Details]
Date: Sun 16 May 2004
Event: Tour of Hack House Museum  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 Apr 2004
Event: History of the Pittsfield Grange  [Details]
Date: Sun 14 Mar 2004
Event: Recovering Pittsfields History through Archaeology  [Details]
Date: Mon 9 Feb 2004
Event: Pittsfield Township and the Underground Railroad  [Details]
Date: Sun 8 Feb 2004
Event: Exhibit - Tales of Two Townships   [Details]
Date: Sun 1 Feb 2004 - Mon 31 May 2004
Event: Interviews with Walt Gutekunst and Carl Thayer  [Details]
Date: Mon 12 Jan 2004
Event: Pittsfield Township Historical Society Holiday Gathering  [Details]
Date: Sun 14 Dec 2003
Event: Field trip to Saline Rentschler Farm Museum  [Details]
Date: Sun 14 Sep 2003
Event: Archaeological Dig at Old Town Hall School  [Details]
Date: Thu 19 Jun 2003 - Sat 21 Jun 2003
Event: Oral History Interview with Doug Woolley and Jack Morris  [Details]
Date: Sun 8 Jun 2003
Event: Field Trip to Webster Township Historical Village  [Details]
Date: Sun 18 May 2003
Event: Oral History Interview with Mary Cruse  [Details]
Date: Sun 13 Apr 2003
Event: Bread Baking in the 1800s, by Maxine Henderson  [Details]
Date: Sun 9 Mar 2003
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