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The following exhibits have been mounted in the lobby of the Township Administrative Building, 6201 West Michigan Avenue. They are archived on this website, and may be revisited here at any time.

Please stop by the Township Administrative Building to see the current display!

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Linens and Their Creation

Linens and Their Creation (April - June 2003)

This exhibit features hand-made linen objects and some of the tools used to create the linen itself. Featured are a filet crochet of a horse (loaned by Margaret Lillie); a pieced quilt top (loaned by Marcia Ticknor); and different types of embroidery/samplers (loaned by Helen Richards). Please see Helen Richard's introduction to this exhibition. For two mystery objects, please see: Mystery Objects

Police and Fire Services in Pittsfield Township

Police and Fire Services (February - June 2002)

In 1979, within 10 days of each other, Pittsfield Township had two major fires. The first was at the Gallup Silkworth fuel storage and the second was at Washtenaw Farmers Oil on Carpenter Road. At the second fire, a 30,000 gallon diesel storage tank exploded, becoming airborne, and crushed the 1976 Sutphen engine. A fire fighter operating a deluge gun on top of the engine exited the truck just before the explosion. A collection of photographs and newspaper articles documents the two fires -- and other important moments in the history of the Pittsfield Department of Public Safety.

Winter in Pittsfield Township

Winter in Pittsfield! (November 2001 - January 2002)

Winter sports, holiday themes, and diverse winter activities are reflected in the exhibit. Old sleds, skiis, and items that provided warmth -- such as soap stones -- complement photographs, religious decorations, and other memorabilia from past times.

Summer in Pittsfield Township

Summer Fun! (July - October 2001)

Mom and dad and the kids set out in their car to see the U.S.A. Toys, games, shells, a 1920s bathing suit, and an old travel map of the United States, are part of the exhibit -- along with summer sports equipment and other travel collectables from the past.

Lest We Forget (May - June 2001)

This exhibit features uniforms, pictures, field equipment and books related to the protection of America and our democratic ideals. Don LeClair donated his Korean War field equipment and Frank Nordman contributed his brother's (Emil Nordman's) World War I uniform for the exhibit. Pictures of Dr. James Webb and his son in their Civil War uniforms are from the Society files.

The Heritage of Quilts

Quilts (March - April 2001)

Numerous beautiful and old quilts are displayed. Items come from Society members and friends. For example, Betty McMullen loaned a quilt-top that her mother's classmates had autographed about 1915. Dolores Church loaned some of her mother's quilt squares as well as a popular Sun Bonnet Girl quilt.

Useful Items of the 19th & 20th Centuries (December 2000 - February 2001)

Graniteware, musical instruments, kitchenwares, and a scrub board with a bar of naphtha soap are some of the items included in this exhibit.

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These exhibits are prepared and mounted by Helen Richards, Betty LeClair, and Marcia Ticknor.

The Historical Society extends a sincere thank you to Society members and friends that graciously loan and/or donate items to the Pittsfield Township Historical Society -- generosity that makes these displays possible.

If you have recommendations for exhibits or would like to loan or donate an item, please call Betty LeClair at 971-2384, Helen Richards at 971-2177 or Marcia Ticknor at 429-4517.

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