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To Mabel Cobane, March 2003

Mrs. Mabel Cobane, a society member, has gifted the Society copies of the Michigan Federal Census 1830 through 1930 for Pittsfield Township. It is very interesting to see how the compilations of information changed over the years. The 1830 census asked for the names of the heads of the family and the numbers and ages of members of the family. By 1930 there are many more questions. Some of the questions are: place of abode, names, relation to head of family, home data (value), personal description (age, color, marital condition, age at first marriage, attended school or college, whether able to read or write), place of birth, mother tongue (or native language) of foreign born, occupation and industry, employment and veterans.

We always are looking for information to make our archives more complete. Items that would enhance our files are photographs of businesses, homes, people and events. Please call Betty LeClair 734-971-2384, Helen Richards 734-971-2177 or Marcia Ticknor 734- 429-4517 if you have items to share. Thank you.

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